DNews Plus

Weekend ini menemukan YouTube Channel yg membahas topik besar & hal-pokok (DNews Plus), beberapa diantaranya :


  • How Exactly does your body process Food?
  • What would happen if you stopped eating,
  • Can we Replace all food with something Else


  • Why do We sleep?
  • Why can’t you sleep?
  • How should you sleep?
  • Can you live without Sleep?


  • Are you Dead,
  • Near Death Experiences,
  • Your Body After Death,
  • Death Traditions,
  • Immortality?

Kemungkinan Pindah Planet

  • When We Have To Leave Earth… Where Will We Go?
  • Do We Need A Moon Colony Before A Mars Colony?
  • When The World Ends, Who Gets To Leave?


  • Origins of God,
  • Is God Real,
  • Science & God

Mungkin kelemahan DNews Plus ini adalah kurangnya Gambar-gambar yg memperjelas penjelasan…tapi isi Materinya banyak.

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